Governance/Ceo Council.

Participation in CEO Council is a critical component of charter school participation. Each charter school member has one vote. The CEO Council meets twice a year: September (Bay Area) and May (San Diego).

The CEO Council approves policies and the Allocation Plan (funding methodology for the SELPA). The Charter SELPA leadership team provides support to the CEO Council to ensure that decisions are well documented and transparent. Our goal is to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of the SELPA, at the same time recognizing that each charter is unique and autonomous.

CEO Council Meetings 2017-18

Ceo Council Prior Year Agendas & Minutes

Ceo Executive Committee

The CEO Executive Committee is charged with developing recommendations for the full CEO Council. The CEO Executive Committee meets a minimum of four times per year (September, November, March, May) or more often as needed. The CEO Executive Committee makes recommendation to the CEO Council on policy issues and the Allocation Plan. The CEO Executive Committee has important input into future Charter SELPA planning. The Charter SELPA leadership team provides support to the CEO Executive Committee.

Ceo Executive Committee Prior Year Agendas & Minutes

Selection Committee

The Charter SELPA Selection Committee is made up of the County Superintendent and two other members. The committee meets to review and approve new members to the Charter SELPA.

Governance Documents

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