What is a Partner?

Each one of our partners in the Charter SELPA maintains an active role in governing the organization. Our growing community consists of schools and educators who are as passionate as we are about special education. The Charter SELPA and its member LEAs maintain a mutual responsibility to continue to advance special education throughout our charters. There are two categories of partnership: Single Charter Partner and Organization Partner. A Single Charter Partner is a SELPA member with one school (single CDS code). An Organization Partner is defined as a non-profit with one governing board or an organization with one Chief Executive Officer position that is vested with comprehensive operating authority for two or more SELPA member schools (multiple CDS codes). 


Application Process for 2017-18.

Thank you for your interested in being a part of our SELPA. 

To prepare for the 2017-18 application, please review three required parts included in the application process:

  1. Mandatory attendance at a Potential New Partner Meeting explaining the role of the Charter SELPA and the ongoing responsibilities of SELPA Partners. After attending a Potential New Partner Meeting, your account will be activated. Email Kelly Carnahan at kcarnahan@edcoe.org if you have any questions regarding the Potential New Partner Meeting.

    Please Note:  If your application is considered an expansion of a current partnership, you are not required to attend a Potential New Partner Meeting. When you register your email on the application website make sure you indicate which of our current partners you are a member of. 

  2. Completion of the online application process and submission of required documentation.

  3. Participation in an interview with the selection committee. This interview will allow the Charter SELPA to understand the overall culture of your charter and your leadership vision for serving students with special needs. We will discuss specifics in the services you plan to provide as well as the myriad of state and federal reporting requirements.

If you are interested in applying for 2017-18 and currently a member of another SELPA, you are required to submitted a notice of withdrawal to your existing SELPA and the California Department of Education no later than June 30, 2016.

For and questions regarding the application process or to submit suggestions to improve the experience, email Kelly Carnahan at kcarnahan@edcoe.org.


Informational Meetings

Cohort 1

  • Closed


Cohort 2

  • Closed


Cohort 3

  • Closed

Cohort 4 - Added due to high demand

  • Closed - Check back in August for next year's application process!

Please contact Kelly Carnahan, kcarnahan@edcoe.org for any questions.


Important Documents



https://beehively-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/sites/52381b4f1defc52c29000002/pages/526112cb1defc5c3a1001dd1/files/Charter_SELPA_Local_Plan_Revision__5_August_2014.pdf https://beehively-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/sites/52381b4f1defc52c29000002/pages/526112cb1defc5c3a1001dd1/files/Charter_SELPA_Allocation_Plan_2014-15.pdf https://beehively-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/sites/52381b4f1defc52c29000002/pages/526112cb1defc5c3a1001dd1/files/Allocation_Plan-At_a_Glance.pdf https://beehively-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/sites/52381b4f1defc52c29000002/pages/526112cb1defc5c3a1001dd1/files/Participation_Agreement_Draft.pdf https://beehively-websites.s3.amazonaws.com/sites/52381b4f1defc52c29000002/pages/526112cb1defc5c3a1001dd1/files/Timeline_for_becoming_your_own_LEA_16-17_Cohort_4.pdf